Seeing Is Believing

IllusionIllusion about the true nature of existence is literally illusion about the nature of one’s own life. This is the fundamental source of all illusions.

If we are ignorant about the nature of our own existence, then we will be ignorant about the nature of other people’s lives too.

On the other hand, when our lives are free from illusion, we can perceive the treasure that shines resplendent in all people. in all beings.

So much of modern life is about being told that we can’t live without this appliance, that we are not complete without the latest smartphone, flat screen TV or that we are driving the wrong car. These illusions are designed to play on our self confidence and our self image, and very successful they can be.

Of course it is nice to drive around in the latest model, to be seen using the latest mobile phone, but don’t be fooled that any of these consumer products make you a better person. There is nothing that can make you a better person more strongly, than knowing yourself and improving your self determination, awareness and discipline.

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