Unrealistic Expectations

Too Great ExpectationsWe all live with expectations, of ourselves, of others and of the outcome of situations in our lives, and it is all too easy to be disappointed when those expectations are not met.

However, you must remember, your happiness is in your own hands, so being unhappy when your expectations are dashed, is your own decision.

For myself, I find that taking some quiet time to examine why I am disappointed solves a lot of these problems. Sometimes my expectations are too high, unrealistic you might say, sometimes the simple acceptance that those expectations are not those of others explains the outcome.

Allowing your expectations of others to be, even in part, the basis of your happiness shows a certain lack of Wisdom, so learn from the pain, don’t repeat the mistake and move on.

So to help maintain your happiness, set realistic expectations for yourself and accept that failing to meet those expectations does not mean failing completely.

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