An Elitist Race

The Boat RaceThe Boat Race was won this afternoon by Oxford. It was a very close race, with both sides giving their all for the cause, but there was a strange air of pointless strife as we watched the Cambridge president, in his last ever race, being interviewed as a loser.

The whole event, the crews, the boats, even the bridges were smothered in BNY Mellon advertising, the sponsors. How apt, that an elite race, between two elite universities, crewed by elite oarsmen is sponsored by an investment company. A company, whose sole aim is to make money for those who already have more than is good for them.

Whilst the endeavour of the crew members, the months of early morning training, the sacrifices made for the joint cause, must be acknowledged, it is rather difficult to see what difference all the effort really makes to a world of poverty, pain and unhappiness.

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