And Relax

And RelaxYou all know the saga about the round of redundancies at my place of work. It’s been a very trying time for all concerned. It’s not the easiest economic climate to find work at the moment, particularly when you are a gentleman of a certain age, as I am.

So you can imagine my relief when the phone rang at lunchtime and it was the boss calling to tell me that I had been successful in my application for the role of the Internal IT Helpdesk Technician.

Alright, it’s not the most influential role in the world, it ‘s not even the most influential role in the department, but it’s a role, a paid role, and it gives me back a little control over my destiny.

Interestingly, it is all down to cause and effect. During the redundancy discussions, I asked for the job spec and whether I might apply. Once my application had been accepted, I had to go through the interview stage, a little nerve wracking, but I made it.

So the fact that I am not now leaving on March 26th, that my continuous service will be maintained, as will my pension and share options, is down to me. Down to me making the causes in order to see the effects I am now seeing.

Having taken all the credit, the chanting clearly helped, as did all the very welcome support from my family and friends, who never stopped believing in me, or at least never let on if they did.

Thank you all, we did it !!!

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