Goal Setting

Imagine having to do this every day !!!In my current state of limbo, I’m trying hard to keep going forward whilst staying exactly where I am, set myself goals without creating expectations, making plans for whatever eventuality may befall me, and chant for all of the above at once, rather bewildering.

Having led a life that I once considered to be a series of alternating periods of good and bad luck, now clearly demonstrated to be the results of good and bad causes and effects, I find myself in circumstances that are less than prepared for anything like a comfortable retirement.

Not that I’m about to retire just yet, but I am trying to make what arrangements I can, given that I have less than ten years to get the little ducks in line. Judging by current figures, I should have enough to support myself, as long as the right decisions are made along the way and the wheels don’t fall off too soon.

In order to gather more information, I’ve spent most of the day looking into tales of others who are already doing what I plan to do, namely to live on a narrowboat. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is reasonably affordable and has a freedom unlike most other lifestyles. It also comes with an ever changing view from the kitchen window.

If you would like to have a little look for yourself, here is one of Dan Brown’s YouTube videos about his life afloat and a wonderful blog by John and Fiona Slee, living the dream aboard their narrowboat Epiphany. I’ve also been reading this month’s issue of Canal Boat magazine but don’t blame me if you get the bug if you read it too.

Having goals of our own is important if we are to make progress in life, but seeing others who have gone a long way to achieving those same goals gives us encouragement as well as further information that might help achieve our own.

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