Biting My Virtual Tongue

Fundamental DarknessWhen a lengthy email, filled with sarcastic comments, from a notorious client, let’s call him Mr Smith, dropped into my inbox, my heart sank.

In the first week of my new position, it is my job to respond to him, but I have no remit to action the changes he requires.

I had already sent the ‘standard’ response to his last email a couple of days ago, but that clearly was inadequate. So I had to put together another response, covering the points he raised in a sarcastic and overtly antagonistic manner, without stooping to his level.

That’s no an easy thing to do at times. I’m still feeling a bit like death warmed up, and the Dark Passenger is whispering that I should tell him to go swivel, to tell him that although he is a valued client, he isn’t so valued that he can talk to us (me) in that manner.

Doing so might just be enough to terminate my newly fledged career, so I bite my virtual tongue and tell him that although we appreciate his frustration, and will address the issues he has raised, that there are underlying reasons for the delays about which he is complaining.

Well the email has been sent, and a response is expected shortly, we will see whether he is at all placated. If not, it will offer another ‘real life’ chance to test my Wisdom, Courage and Compassion. I’m sure they will pass muster, I just wonder about the Dark Passenger.

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