A Yearning For Learning

A Yearning For LearningFollowing on from yesterdays looks at books, the rhymes just keep coming. As we all strive for Buddhahood, the life-state of Learning is a wonderful place to be. I love reading and listening to instructional podcasts and devote as much time as I can to these every day.

Understanding the principles behind our practice is so important. If understanding is missing, chanting and working towards enlightenment is a largely futile exercise. But help is at hand. So much is available on the internet that you can always find the information you need to take your knowledge to the next level.

To make the most of every minute of every day, I often download podcasts from Karen and Jason Jarrett’s website, A Buddhist Podcast. There are dozens of topics covered, as you would imagine, they have been online since 2005, though there has been a slight lull since they moved to Canada.

There are also podcast versions of The Reluctant Buddhist and Buddhism and the Science of Happiness, both read by William Woollard himself, and The Buddha, Geoff and Me, all of which are hugely inspirational.

Learning is not just the way forward, it is the insurance against going back to where we have come. If we stop learning, we stop living, at least living to the full.

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