A Book To Change The World

A Book To Change The WorldI know, I know, I know, I keep banging on about Edward Canfor-Dumas’ The Buddha, Geoff and Me. I must have read it half a dozen times and listened to the podcasts twenty or thirty times at least. But having recently given a copy to a friend, I am thoroughly enjoying hearing the positive feedback about the book.

It’s not just a really good story, written beautifully, in convenient bite sized chapters, it covers pretty much every aspect of Nichiren Buddhism at least once. I love hearing about my good friends, Ed, Geoff, Dora and Piers weaving their way through the story, the ups, the downs and every time I hear or read it, I take in a little bit more.

I truly believe that the book should be a compulsory read for every school kid, and every parent and adult too actually. It’s a modern classic, in my opinion, and could change the whole world given the chance. It changed my life, and it might just change yours.

It’s not for everyone, my mom doesn’t like the ‘modern’ language and I must admit that there’s a bit too much to take it all in with a single read, but I implore you, listen to one chapter and give it a chance. Chapter seven is my favourite, but that’s just me.

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