Super Soccer Saturday

UEFA Champions League Winners 2012 - Chelsea FCWell, who would have believed it? Having spent more money than is right and proper on his beloved Chelsea, Roman Abramovic, the Russian owner of Chelsea FC has finally seen his wish come true as Chelsea lifted the Champions League trophy in Munich tonight.

I have to admit that I too was in seventh heaven, though that’s not a very Buddhist place to be. All through the match, it appeared that we (Chelsea) were going to fall at the final hurdle once again, and I was trying hard to pre-empt the onset of any hell-state reaction.

In the end it proved un-necessary when Chelsea won on penalties, after a very exciting and enjoyable match. So all us Chelsea fans are delirious, having put a nice cherry on what has been a pretty mediocre cake of a season.

We should however, spare a thought for the Spurs fans who are now suffering. Chelsea’s win means that they are robbed of a well deserved Champions League place. Sorry chaps.

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