The Gravel Path To Enlightenment

The Gravel Path To EnlightenmentThe prospect of lowering the gravel path outside the cottage by 10cm, with the help of B’s son and the children’s father didn’t exactly fill me with glee. Not that I am afraid of a bit of hard physical work, or of meeting a significant part of her past, but putting both together had seemed like it could possibly be a step too far.

Of course I shouldn’t have worried, B is a very caring person and would never knowingly put anyone in a difficult situation. So several hours and thousands of burned calories later, B has a nice newly laid gravel path, Sam has found his car key and I have found I have quite a lot in common with a man I didn’t really expect to meet.

We had a good laugh, talked about psychology, philosophy, spiritual and new age things, shared a bacon butty lunch and really got on rather well. Funny how life can surprise you, and in a good way, when you let it.

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