Climate Change Protest

Bournemouth Climate Change March - Click to view the Bournemouth Echo articleThe sun shone and the weather was lovely and warm in Bournemouth today.

All good news for those folks who joined the Climate Change March, part of a worldwide protest against the continued lack of meaningful action by governments to slow or reverse the disastrous effects of global warming.

I get all my gas and electricity from Ecotricity, who produce and sell 100% green energy, and I try to do as much as possible to reduce my carbon footprint, but it all got me thinking about my Buddhism and the topic of Life-Energy.

When we practice gongyo and chant daimoku before the Gohonzon, the good and evil capacities of our lives begin to function as the exalted form of fundamental existence.

Lives that are full of the pain of Hell, lives that are in the world of Hunger, lives warped by the world of Anger – such lives too begin to move in the direction of creating their own personal happiness and value.

Lives being pulled toward misfortune and unhappiness are redirected and pulled in the opposite direction, toward fortune and happiness, when we make the Mystic Law our base.

Chant daimoku with all your heart, chant whenever you feel downcast, whenever you feel listless or lacking in focus.

Chanting daimoku connects us directly to chi, the Universal energy, the ultimate renewable energy, so chant and raise your life-state, your life-energy and put your life back on track.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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