Be Careful What You Vote For

Scottish IconsOn the eve of one of the most important decisions the British people have made in centuries, the Scots go to the polls tomorrow to decide the future of their country.

Whilst I envy them the power to influence such an important constitutional decision, I fear that, given the huge lack of detail available, the people of Scotland will be voting with their hearts rather than their heads.

Passion is a powerful driver in such situations, but I would warn that you must be careful what you wish for. You might just get it, and then it may turn out that it wasn’t what you really wanted at all.

As a passionate Englishman, proud of my nation despite the mistakes we have made over the centuries, I would like to think that Scotland is better served within an alliance with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Having said that, it is not my decision, and I refuse to try to influence anyone’s decision.

Whatever the outcome, I pray that as intimate neighbours, we remain good friends, and can work together in the interests of both nations. I also pray that the friendly, if passionate, banter will continue and that both the Yes and the No sides will remain united as members of the Scottish nation.

We all remain transfixed by the whole process. Whether you are in or out of the Union, you have a unique opportunity to decide your own future and I wish you all the very best of luck with this historic event.

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