A Gem Of An Idea

Sew Those Hidden GemsPassing on the ideas and ideals behind Buddhist teachings is a little like sewing a hidden gem into the lining of a friends clothes.

This is the parable about the rich man, the poor man, and the hidden gem …

A poor man visits a rich friend, gets drunk, and passes out.

The rich man, who has to leave on business, gives his poor man a priceless gem, which he secretly sews into the lining of his friend’s clothes.

When the poor man comes to, he resumes his life as a vagrant, unaware of the treasure he received during his blackout.

Later, he meets the rich man again, who shows him where the gem is concealed, and the poor man realizes his wealth.

Discovering the gem, even years later, can transform a poor life into one of untold enlightened riches, so keep sewing those gems of wisdom into the people you meet in life.

The act of giving benefits both parties and you never know when you might be giving to just the right person, at the right time and place, to transform their life for the better, forever.


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