A Little Common Sense, At Last

Cameron DefeatedAfter the disgraceful tissue of lies that allowed Tony Blair’s Labour government to take us to war with Iraq back in 2003, it was heartening to see David Cameron get his comeuppance in the Syrian vote last night.

Whilst none of us want to hear about the atrocities going on in Syria, arming the rebels, or targeting the government forces will not solve the underlying problem.

Like taking a paracetamol for a toothache, addressing the symptoms will not solve anything in the long run, you must get to the root of the problem. Now it is clear that the ‘evidence’ of these incidents is anything but clear. Who did what to whom is open to conjecture.

So rushing in, John Wayne like, with all guns blazing is a recipe for making things a whole lot worse, not better. The tiny ray of light, which became visible last night, is that finally the government is listening to reason, and the people, and has been forced to resort to common sense and take stock.

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