Rotten To The Core

rotten_coreThere seems to be a tidal wave of corruption, skulduggery, cheating, malpractice, you name it, coming out of the woodwork all at once. Not that I believe for one instant, that this kind of thing hasn’t always gone of in one form or another. But there seems to be a form of cleansing going through society, where the guilty are being brought to book.

Further allegations regarding the BBC documentary about Jimmy Savile, revelations about possible Police collaboration over the Andrew Mitchell ‘Plebs’ case, the Dominique Strauss-Kahn ‘pimping’ case proceeding to court, UBS being fined $1.5bn for LIBOR fixing. Every single day, we are confronted by further evidence that many people who are in positions of power or authority are totally unfit for office.

Whilst it might seem like a depressing stream of bad news, tales of deceit, fraud, miss-use of power, and exploitation of the weak and innocent, it is in fact, a fast growing pressure by society in general, the everyday man and woman in the street, to rid ourselves of these liars, leaches and larcenists, and we must not stop here, we must press on.

There will be a force of resistance to this cleansing. The culprits are clever and powerful people, and are in a position to manipulate and hide evidence of their wrongdoings. As with the revelations that brought about the banking crisis, news of this kind will not be good for the economy and will most likely have serious consequences.

But having got our foot on their necks, we must not let then slither away. We must press home our advantages, maintain this impetus, and not rest until the work is done. Then, when honour, trust and confidence are restored, we must never let this filth rise to the top again.

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