Good Will To All Men?

Stolen WreathsWith Christmas just around the corner, you would like to think that the spirit of Peace on Earth and Good Will to All Men might have kicked in by now. Sadly there’s not a sign of it. With wreaths being stolen off graves in Ringwood and presents donated for children at Great Ormond Street Hospital also being taken, you wonder at the sickness in our society.

Presumably these things are being taken so that the perpetrators can sell them on. With the economy in tatters and the advertising agencies plugging the latest must have Christmas items, it is little surprise that people are out to make a quick buck or spot a bargain. But where is the honesty and compassion, or have we just stopped caring.

It seems to me, that the more the economic cuts are felt, the less people are prepared to extend the hand of friendship. The ‘me and mine first’ attitude is understandable in times of austerity, but that must not come at any price. So if you are tempted to buy a nice Christmas wreath for the door, or a child’s toy for a knock-down price, from a dodgy bloke in a pub, think again.

Just imagine the emotional suffering that may have been caused by the theft of that item, and if that doesn’t sway you, remember the bad karma that will follow you round until it’s time for you to feel the effects. Remember, just because you may not believe in karma, doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply to you. Karma is not a punishment, just the result of the causes you make for yourself.

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