Time For A Change

US Gun Laws - Time For A ChangeAs the details of the latest shooting tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, USA start to sink in, it is surely time for all sane people to get behind President Obama’s heartfelt call for a change to the gun laws.

Those of us outside the United States find it difficult to understand the almost manic determination to protect the second amendment, allowing each US citizen to bear arms. A couple of hundred years ago, when settlers were faced by mountain lions and (understandably) angry native Indians, having a gun was arguably necessary.

That is no longer the case, and the short-sighted politics that allow this situation to continue, is also allowing these incidents of mass murder to continue too. Surely, apart from the arms and ammunition manufacturers, everyone would be far better off without this proliferation of weapons.

Please see sense. Please use the wisdom, courage and compassion necessary to make the changes to your constitution, before we are once again talking about dead innocents. Following the Hungerford shootings in the UK, our gun laws were tightened and although we cannot claim that we have cracked gun crime, the incidence of mass shootings is tiny compared to the US. Surely it really is time for a change.

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