Ultimate Responsibility

Ferdinand InjuryIf ever there was a salutary lesson in being responsible for our actions, it has to be the very sad outcome of the prank phone call made by two DJs from Sydney Radio 2DayFM, which resulted in the suicide of Mrs Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who transferred the call.

Whilst it is very clear that Michael Christian and Mel Greig had no intention of causing such a terrible outcome, they have to bear the responsibility of their actions. In a statement on Australian TV, they both expressed remorse at her sad death.

Yesterday’s incident at the football match between Manchester’s City and United, in which Rio Ferdinand was struck above his left eye, by a coin thrown from the crowd, resulted in a nasty gash and a little spilt blood, but it could have left Ferdinand with a career ending injury and blind in his left eye.

We are all responsible for every thought, word and deed through our karma. That might sound like too much to bear, but it also gives us total and ultimate control over ourselves and our lives. Next time you feel the urge to do something, to say something, even when you think something, remember, you are ultimately responsible for the outcome.

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