Many A True Word

Robbie Di MatteoAs a lifelong Chelsea fan, I have been rather upset (understatement of the century alert) at the debacle that has unfolded over the last forty eight hours. The manner in which Chelsea manager, and long time crowd favourite, Roberto Di Matteo was dismissed has left a very bitter taste in the mouth of many fans.

To compound the hurt, it now transpires, that the Chelsea board and Mr Abramovic, have appointed ex-Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez as a short term replacement. Now anyone who follows football will know that Red and Blue doesn’t mix well in football terms, and Chelsea and Liverpool have a long and rather angry history between the clubs.

If that were not reason enough to preclude Benitez’s appointment, there are a number of well documented statements, made by Benitez during his time at Liverpool, which suggest that he will have a rough ride during his time with the club, starting with his opening game in charge, against Premiership Champions Manchester City, this coming weekend.

I can hear the mutterings from here. What has any of this to do with Buddhism? Well let us see. As Buddhists, we are responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and deeds, and for the effects those actions may have at some point in the future.

Words are like weapons if we use them in the wrong way. They can permanently injure people and relationships. They can destroy years of trust in a single second and set friend against friend. Very much like weapons, once said, they cannot be unsaid again in an attempt to remedy any resulting damage.

So, before you are tempted to load your next salvo of hurtful words, think what the long term consequences might be. Imagine how you might feel if those same words were the last you ever said to someone. Sometimes it is better to keep your thoughts to yourself and let the angry words drift away unsaid. You can never, ever, take them back.

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