Nothing To Be Sneezed At

Sniff, Cough, SniffSo here we are again, the weekend is upon us and there is a spring in the step of people as they leave the office for a couple of days of well earned relaxation. Some are talking of shopping expeditions, others have Christmas trees to decorate, so much excitement.

Sadly, many people, myself included, are still trying to fight off this nasty little cough and cold combination that has been doing the rounds. Not for me, the crowds of shoppers, the festooned arcades of consumerist delights.

With luck, I should be able to spend a good fifty percent of the next couple of days in bed. Plans to visit the Girls in Bristol have again been scuppered, I have no wish to spread this dreaded lurgy amongst my daughters or their families.

If it’s really cold, as they are promising it may be, I might even stay in bed to chant. I’m not sure what Nichiren would have made of horizontal daimoku, but I can’t imagine him being too worried, he was never too concerned with rules.

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