Don’t Say It

Needle In A HaystackIt’s been one of those Mondays again. Indications appeared over the weekend, warning texts being delivered at all times of day and night, harbingers of IT doom. Not that any of the sites were really down in the technical sense, but they were dragging their little feet when trying to load.

So today, Dan and Andy have been digging through log files and reams of code, trying to identify the piece, or pieces of software that are guilty of causing the malaise, while I have been emailing and talking to clients about why they can’t purchase their latest catalogue, new pair of tweezers, or much sought after stamp.

If truth be told, the whole project of cleaning up the background processes is rather overdue. But as with many things in life, it has never seemed the right time to do it. Sadly, again as with so many things in life, the longer you put off the inevitable, the worse the task becomes when you finally bite the bullet.

Now, after all this effort, it would be nice to think that we have fixed the issues, learned from our mistakes, and that we can create a new smoother build that will rid us of these problems, but I fear that might be an over optimistic view to take.

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