TGIF and TBG&MFinally, after what feels like a month, Friday has finally got here. Having battled with this cough and cold all week, seemingly pretty ineffectively, it’s been a very long week. Monday wasn’t the best, but today has been even more challenging.

There seems to be some undocumented universal law, whereby the more important the task, the less likely it is, that any required hardware or software will act in any helpful manner.

I can’t remember how many times I added the new copy to the CMS before it deigned to allow said copy to appear on the live pages. It was almost as though the software was thumbing its nose to me and saying ‘Not today mate, oh no, not today’.

Of course, the marketing department were crying out for the changes, so they could launch their latest email campaign, and the pressure was on. Fortunately I had my audiobook version of The Buddha, Geoff and Me to hand, and it helped me keep my cool, stay focussed and conquer the challenge.

I love that book, you might have noticed. It’s brilliantly written, wonderfully read, and each and every chapter has a whole new bunch of lessons. It always amazes me, I listen to it rather regularly, but it never gets stale or boring, and it always gets me through tough times.

Maybe you should try it yourself and give praise to Saint Eddy of Canfor-Dumas 🙂

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