A Mystery Solved

Mystery SolvedEver since Bumble and I have been going out, there has been this third party in the equation. Let’s be frank, his name was, and still is, Chris. Not that I am particularly prone to jealousy, but there was always something a bit ‘secret’ about his presence.

He is in a new relationship, and has been pretty much ever since they split up, but his new significant other is rather possessive and will not allow B and Chris to meet. Presumably because she is worried that he, or she, or they, might decide that they had made a mistake.

Bumble is allowed to pop round to collect her misdirected post, but only if Chris, and particularly his new lady are out. B has always been very open about all this, she can be painfully honest at times, but when the odd chance to meet Chris had occurred, I was left sitting in the car, and the mystery continued.

So imagine my surprise when, whilst pottering around the garden today, Chris turned up on his new Triumph motorbike, to deliver a rather important looking misdirected letter for Bumble. I guess that he might have expected us to be out, but finding us home, came in anyway.

But what of this mythical being? Well, pretty much as expected really, he is a really nice bloke. Bumble obviously has really good taste in men, the children’s father, Nigel, is a really nice bloke too. I have no idea what they think about me, but we seem to get on pretty well.

We sat and had a drink in the garden, had a nice chat about what was going on with him and with us. He said how sorry he was to hear about Ivor and hoped that all had gone well with the funeral. All very civilised. So the mystery, if ever there was one, is now solved, and life goes on as usual.

I guess, looking back, the real mystery is why I thought there was a mystery at all.

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