Is It Mursday Or Is It Thonday?

Wheel Of LifeThe first day back after a rather strange few days away from the office, I couldn’t decide whether it felt like a Monday or a Thursday, or maybe somewhere between the two. The drive down to Ringwood this morning was easy, but slow. Lots of time to chant and to take stock of the things that had happened recently.

The office was rather quiet, though it was good to have Lawrence back after his holiday and even better to fix a few of the issues that were outstanding. I was also pleased that I was back in the office to say farewell to Elaine, who left today to rest and prepare for the birth of her second baby.

It always surprises me how life just trundles on when you aren’t looking. The Wheel of Life turns eternally, there is no beginning or end, just the repetition of different phases that we all pass through. All that is asked of us, is to make the most of each and every second and to learn the lessons that life presents to us.

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