Olympic Recuperation

Usain BoltI have no idea why, but Bumble woke with a bad back this morning. Maybe we stayed in bed too long, listening to the rain lashing down outside. Maybe it was the result of our abdominal exercises yesterday morning, who knows. Whatever the reason, she was in no fit state to be her usual busy bee self, and it showed.

She was a proper grump. She really isn’t good at sitting still for more than a couple of minutes at the best of times. But having a sore back, the result of some sort of muscular spasm, really didn’t help her mood at all.

Fortunately there were a ton of things that needed doing indoors, so we lit a fire, put the Olympics on the telly and hunkered down in the lounge for a recuperative afternoon and evening.

And there was some great stuff on too. Ben Ainslie winning a gold medal in the sailing, Andy Murray doing the same in the tennis and Usain Bolt breaking the Olympic record to finish first in the men’s 100m final in an amazing 9.63 seconds.

The day few by. With all the great telly, coupled with some PC housekeeping, a bit of digital photography and a very tasty veggie pasta dish thrown in for good measure, it was time for bed in no time.

So a whole bunch of challenges sorted out in a single day. Behavioural for B, mental for me and physical for the athletes. Although Bumble and I didn’t get a medal, we both did a sterling job and that brings its own rewards.

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