Total Commitment

Total CommitmentWhen you make a commitment, be that a personal thing, or to your practice, you must make it wholeheartedly and never let that commitment dwindle. If the commitment is to your practice, only you will suffer if you let things slide, but if it to another person, remember that you will make them suffer too if you allow it to slip.

Nichiren Buddhist practice is a fairly flexible commitment. Practice itself should be a routine, something you do every day, but it can generally fit around the rest of daily life. A commitment to another person is not so flexible. If you say you are going to do something, you must do it, otherwise you are letting both yourself, and more importantly, the other person down too.

Being reliable, trustworthy, committed, is something in which to take a pride. The benefits of being so will bring their own rewards, and foster a strong and lasting relationship with those who come to trust and rely upon you.

So next time you say you will do something with, or for another, make it more than just an empty promise. Be determined to make it a real commitment, do what you say you will do, and be that person on whom they can truly rely.

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