Stand Up And Be Counted

Problem SolvedWhen those around you are unable to help, be it due to fatigue, misfortune or other pressing matters, it is beholding to us to stand tall and shoulder the challenges for them. The office was pretty sparsely populated for a number of reasons, so it was down to the troops on the ground, to deal with the issues the day delivered.

I may have mentioned that Monday is not my favourite day of the week, but today was pretty good, all things considered. I had pre-empted the email mountain by sorting and dealing with, a number of them over the weekend, so that wasn’t too bad.

Dan and Steve were on good form, so that meant that, although Guy was unavoidably detained by a misbehaving motor, and Nick is away on his honeymoon, we managed to deal with some rather awkward little problems rather well.

Having a full day also meant that the time flew by. By the time it felt like lunchtime, we were already half way through the afternoon. Despite feeling rather tired after the full agenda of the weekend, I still had enough petrol left in the tank to go out for a nice ride in the warm evening sunshine.

As always, the challenges of today will be followed by the challenges of tomorrow, but having risen to them all today gives us a nice warm confident feeling for the morning. Of course, I may be tempting fate (if there is such a thing) by feeling this way, but with tons of life-energy, I’m sure we can deal with anything the day might bring.

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