Quiet Contemplation

Memorial WoodlandsThis morning was anything other than fine. Thunderstorms overnight had woken a couple of us and the rain was still falling as we sat and ate breakfast. With Josie living and working on St. Martin’s in the Scilly Isles, she was unable to come back for Ivor’s funeral, so we had planned to got over to Jill’s and then go to the Memorial Woodlands together.

Graveyards, even one as beautiful as the Memorial Woodlands, are never the most cheery of places, even in the sunshine. But we were all rather heartened when, as we made our way there, the sun started to break through.

By the time we had reached the graveside the sunshine was glorious. We moved a bench next to Ivor’s grave and Jill, Josie and Bumble sat in quiet contemplation while Matt and I stood quietly by. It made for a very mixed set of emotions, the sad nature of the location with the beauty of the surroundings.

After a while, Josie and Matt went off for a quiet walk around the woodland, Jill got back in the car and B stayed seated on the bench. Jill and I chanted, and I think that it made us all feel a little better. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is such a powerful chant, and although it can’t solve everything, it always makes the situation better.

By the time we reached the Lamb and Flag on Cribbs Causeway, the sadness had lifted somewhat, so by the time we had finished our lunch we were in a lighter mood. Remembering the loss of a loved one is difficult, maybe particularly so when it is so recent, but I think Jill’s belief regarding reincarnation helps her stay positive and that in turn helped the girls deal with their sorrow a little.

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