Compassion, Savlon For The Soul

Compassion, Savlon For The SoulI’m a bit of a believer in Savlon. I guess it comes from my childhood and all the bumps and scrapes to which it was applied as I was growing up. It soothes and cools and heals all in one, and it stings a lot less that Dettol !!! But there are things that Savlon can’t heal, like a broken heart or a saddened soul.

Bumble was a very sad bunny this morning. I had woken her from a nasty dream during the night, and she was at a very low ebb first thing. Even breakfast in bed didn’t help, but I hoped that a day of compassion and thoughtfulness might do the trick.

All the physical exercise yesterday, moving stuff about and being too busy to think, seemed to have helped her to forget about her Dad’s funeral, but the cold light of morning had brought it all into sharp relief and she was understandably feeling down.

We had already planned to do a couple of exciting things today, to visit Hannah and do a bit of shopping, but I thought that filling the day with nice things would be a good idea, to try to raise her spirits. So we called B’s mum and suggested that we took them out for lunch and the idea was gleefully accepted. Having washed and dressed, we went round to Hannah’s, had coffee and a play with young Stanley and then made our way to Westbury to see Jill and Wendy.

With a little shopping, in a rather quiet Morrison’s on the way home, a spot of gentle gardening and a tasty dinner, using up the leftovers from earlier in the week, followed by a nice quiet evening and a soothing bath to end the day, everyone’s mood was lifted. Proving once and for all, that compassion and thoughtfulness are gentle, yet powerful healers.

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