Biting My Tongue

Biting My TongueCommunication is the key to resolving issues, whether that is in a domestic or a work environment. So when we heard that there was a meeting planned for this morning, to iron out some issues between us, the IT team, and another department, I was looking forward to putting our point of view across.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown at present, the meeting was cancelled, so the opportunity was lost, for the time being at least. Whilst it is not in my remit to resolve such issues, it benefits all concerned if they can be addressed and some form of compromise reached quickly.

I guess I will have to bite my tongue until we get another opportunity to meet. But I’m also hoping that the issues and the feelings that they generate will not escalate in the mean time. A little wisdom, courage and compassion on both sides will help prevent that happening, so fingers crossed that all three are in abundance.

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