Time For The Living

Photo AlbumsHaving had a few hours to rest, and to settle our thoughts and feelings, it became clear that now was the time to devote our efforts to those remaining. We needed to concentrate on spending time with Jill, and as Ivor had spend the last thirteen years in care, finalise the arrangements to move his effects.

We had lunch at the care home, surrounded by the many of the people who knew and cared for him. Those who knew, took time to come and give their condolences. Sadly, of course, it is an all too common occurrence in such an establishment, but it was nice that people showed they cared so much.

Then, while Bumble and Sue went back to Ivor’s room and sorted out his belongings into those to be kept and those that could be donated to charity, Jill and I took a very leisurely stroll around the cricket pitch which forms the centre of the home, in glorious summer sunshine.

With everyone re-assembled back at Jill’s apartment, Steve cooked an evening meal and we sat and chatted about the forthcoming arrangements as well as reminiscing about times gone by. It was a very pleasant gathering, looking at pictures and family photos and remembering the good times. Although Ivor has gone on to better things, it was nice to take time to remember that there is still much for which to to be grateful.

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