Waiting, Just Waiting

Waiting, Just WaitingSitting here, in ward 107 of Frenchay hospital, with Bridget, her mum, her sister Sue and her husband Steve, we are all waiting. We are waiting for the current situation to change, for the pain that B's father Ivor is currently suffering, dulled by morphine, to stop.

We do not know what course this path will take, nor do we know the length or duration of the journey. But we are all here, together, supporting each other and here most importantly for Ivor. We, in turn, are surrounded by caring people, whose sole aim is to make this journey as peaceful and dignified as possible.

The Wheel of Life turns at a never changing rate, although there are times like this, when we might wish that it would go a little faster, or just stop altogether.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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