The Storm Before The Calm

The Storm Before The CalmWorking from the cottage today was like working in the middle of Paddington station. Everyone having somewhere to be, somebody to see, something to do, and all for the funeral tomorrow. And there I was, sitting in the melee and getting on with my work.

The pandemonium of today is all in a good cause. Getting things done today, getting all those little things that take so long, out of the way, so that tomorrow we can be calm, collected, serene even, as we get ready to say goodbye to Ivor, in this life at least.

But getting things done, getting all the ducks lined up, putting everything in its place is a good way to live generally. When you plan, you become self-aware, then you can put those plans into action, making the causes to help create the effects you wish to see.

So tomorrow is on one level, a very special day, for Ivor’s family and friends, it will be a day never to be forgotten. But on another level, it is the most ordinary day, the most inevitable day, and a day that can teach us why to live our lives to the full.

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