On Reflection

Hurleston LocksI could actually feel the holiday slipping to a close today. Navigating back towards the marina, even though we still had another full day left, was a rather sad journey. Of course it did give us the chance to see all the sights of the outward leg anew, and from a different viewpoint.

The combination of the weather and the economy has made the canals rather quiet. And going back up through Hurleston locks was rather quicker than it had been yesterday, coming down. In fact we saw very few other people, other than the lock keeper.

In life, we rarely, if ever, get the chance to retrace our steps. Seldom do we get the chance to look at people and events from a different viewpoint. Circumstances change, people change and the effect of these changes distort the perception of past events.

But we can all relive our successes, and our failures, by playing them back in our mind. As I have changed over the last few years, I can now see the joys and sorrows in a new light. At times it is almost as though those things happened to another person, in another lifetime, and, given the chance, I might have done things differently.

But I remind myself, that every thought, word and deed I have had, said or done, have brought me to this point. Spending these last few days, in such close proximity to such lovely people, in such idyllic surroundings convinces me that my path is moving in the right direction.

Given the chance, I would not change a single thing, if the outcome would alter the situation in which I now find myself. Sometimes it is more important to concentrate on the present and the future, than to allow oneself to dwell on the past. The past is gone, we cannot rewrite our history, but we can, and we should, make causes to create positive effects on our present and particularly our future.

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