Friday Night And All That Jazz

Cool JazzWorking from home can be really productive, no phone calls, no interruptions and a nice environment of peace and quiet. So today I have been camped in Bumble’s kitchen,  accessing my works PC from my laptop and apart from Bob the Builder, who came to install an extractor fan, I hadn’t seen a soul all day.

Don’t tell the lads at work, but I really missed the banter and the company. So even though I got a ton of work done, it’s been a funny day really. I’ve had an eclectic mix of really nice clients and really not so nice clients, but i can say hand on heart, that I treat them all with respect, though it’s not always easy.

So having made it through the working day, I’m looking forward to an evening of Trad Jazz with Bumble and her parents over at their place. It will round off the week nicely and set us all up for another fandabbydozey weekend, including Charlotte’s birthday. I hope you have a great one too.

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