A Time To Chant

Poison Into MedicineFollowing the trauma of Bumble’s injured ankle, we were hoping that life would settle back to the comfort of normality. Sadly that hasn’t been the case, as Ivor, B’s father has again been admitted to hospital today. Given that his health has never been too good, following a major motorcycling accident many years ago, this is obviously a worrying turn of events.

But as with all challenges in life, now is the time to chant ourselves hoarse and to look to, yet again, turn this poison into medicine. As on previous occasions, Ivor is in Frenchay hospital and is surrounded by the people best equipped to look after him. He is a tough character and will do his bit to get himself through all this.

B’s mum Jill is also a Nichiren Buddhist and I know she will be chanting for her husband. I will be giving my all too and praying for a good outcome to the situation. But every little helps, so if you have a spare moment, please chant and pray for Ivor too.

Many thanks in anticipation,


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