Mondays – An Apology

Fly Like An EagleI think, if you take a look back over the last few weeks and months, I’ve been a bit dismissive of the value of the first working day of the week. Well I’ve had a hard look at myself in the last couple of weeks and I think I owe them an apology.

To start with, it’s not their fault that they follow the weekend. Their name means Moon Day in Old English and I’m sure they wouldn’t have chosen to start the week. But with my rediscovered self-awareness I can honestly say that I was being unfair and trying to lay the blame for my failings at their door.

So having had a particularly productive day, and also been back in team mode, I can see that Mondays are no different to any other day of the working week and I apologise to them, unreservedly. It’s easy to see the mistake in hindsight, and is actually a good measure of progress towards enlightenment, or lack of it.

If you, like I, were feeling that Monday had got it in for you, or that the weekend was taking an eternity to arrive, it’s time to take a long hard look at yourself. It’s easy to blame others for the challenges we face, it’s much more difficult to accept that the blame is our own. But having done so, you have the freedom to break free from the self imposed restrictions and fly like an eagle once again.

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