No Room For Complacency

DeterminationWhen we work hard at something, be it a task, a goal or personal trait that we wish to change or improve, we get satisfaction when we see results. Making the causes to see effects is not a one off action. Generally we need to keep the pressure on until the goal is met.

It is easy to let the feelings of euphoria, when we reach a target or goal, get the better of us. We may feel that the effort needed to complete a task can now be eased. This may be true in certain circumstances, where a material goal has been met, but that is not the case where we are striving to maintain an objective, such as compassion or courage.

Being compassionate in one instance, being courageous in a certain circumstance does not make us suddenly compassionate or courageous. We must continue to monitor ourselves, to be mindful, self-aware and to continue the effort that brought us to this point. Reaching a goal can be difficult, but maintaining that status can be just as difficult.

So next time you find yourself bathing in a self-congratulatory glow of satisfaction, take stock. It is the determination to continue the effort, to stop ourselves from back-sliding and to maintain the newly found goal that keeps us on the path to enlightenment and to greater happiness.

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