Keeping A Level Head

Level HeadedWe had a big, and potentially contentious, meeting at work today. We have spent a great deal of money on the web project, and we are seeing significant results on that investment. But, as with many large projects, there have been omissions and mistakes made on both sides, and we were meeting to discuss the route to resolution.

Now, when there are big bucks at stake, emotions can become inflamed and tempers frayed, but at what cost? Our software partners want to continue doing business with us. We want to resolve the many little issues that have made their way into the live site. So we both have much to gain, and more to lose, if the talking stops and the bun fight begins.

Although my colleagues, and a couple of the partners know about my Buddhist leanings, none of them are active participants. So it was hugely rewarding to find that the meeting was brimming with wisdom, courage and compassion from both sides. We covered most of the points of conflict in a calm and mature manner, and although there is a deal of fine detail to be resolved, the day went better than any of us anticipated.

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