A Love That Will Never Die

The Secret Piano - Alexis FfrenchA parcel arrived at work today, and in it was an amazing little gizmo, an Apple TV module. It allows me to stream my photos, videos and my music, wirelessly from my iPad or my PC straight to my TV and my home cinema system.

So I’ve spend a wonderful evening looking through my photo albums, whilst listening to Earl Klugh, Pink Floyd, Alison Moyet, Alexis Ffrench and many others in stunning surround sound.

It’s only when you really sit and listen to music you love, some that hasn’t been played for many years, that you realise what power it has to lift your spirits and gladden your heart. So whilst I dislike the marketing strategy of Apple, with their restrictive practices and all, I am delighted with my new acquisition, and I’m sure it will be worth its weight in gold.

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