A Stuttering Start

SleepHaving slept like a log for the whole night, I woke this morning feeling great. I chanted, I showered, got dressed and went to the supermarket to get a few ‘essentials’, almond croissants for breakfast. Having started the day with great gusto, I dove into my works email inbox and dealt with the email enquiries that were waiting for me. I spoke to my Mom on Skype, I was feeling so much better.

But as the morning wore on, I felt myself getting slower and slower, the nasty bug was still in my system and it was starting to drain my energy bit by bit. By lunchtime I was feeling grotty again, didn’t want to eat or drink, and had that unpleasant stuffy feeling once more.

But I have to be back at work tomorrow, and I don’t want to be feeling like this as I have to deal with the trials and tribulations that have accumulated over the festive break being less than 100%, so I took myself back to bed.

It’s interesting how our bodies ‘know’ what is best for us, because even though I had decided to watch the Royal Institute Christmas Lectures whilst tucked up under the duvet, my body had different ideas. I woke up at about 7:30pm to find that my iPad had switched itself off, it was pitch black, and the day was long gone.

However, I do feel a whole lot better again. So even though it was a waste of my last day of holiday in some ways, it was probably the best use of the time in actual fact. Tomorrow I’ll be up at the crack of dawn, off to work, and hopefully reaping the rewards of the hours of relaxing, recovering sleep my body decided I needed today.

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