What A Day !!!

Global WarmingWeather of biblical proportions has struck most of the UK today, uprooting trees, creating havoc on the roads, cutting power to thousands of homes and causing two fatal accidents. In the office, it sounded like the roof was about to lift off and the windows were flexing with each gust of wind.

Whilst it pales into insignificance when compared to the hurricanes and tornados we see around the world, it still serves to remind us that although we feel we have control of our environment most of the time, nature has virtually unlimited power at its disposal.

Tonight, the weather has calmed, the wind has dropped and the rain abated. I hope none of you have suffered as a result of todays storms. The weathermen are promising worse for tomorrow, so let us not forget that we are at the mercy of the elements, and that these record breaking events are almost certainly connected to global warming, something we can, indeed must, control.

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