An Unexpected Failure

The gaiter is the bit that looks like a set of bellows ...Today was the day that all motorists dread, the annual MOT test, a day of anxiety and disappointment or elation. Sadly mine was one of disappointment. It’s a strange feeling, handing the keys over to a stranger, not that Tom at Volvo Poole is really that strange. But it’s a bit like leaving your kids with a new babysitter, you just hope that they know what they’re doing and take care of your pride and joy.

I knew that the car needed a new inner track-rod joint, it’s been on the cards for a while, but I had decided to bite the bullet and get it fixed before it caused any trouble. But when the dreaded phone call arrived, the news was not what was expected. The car had failed, a split steering gaiter being the culprit. So I had to agree to getting it replaced, there wasn’t really any alternative, they had my car and would hold it hostage until it had a pass certificate.

Now I do look after my car. I get it serviced at the dealership, use original parts when they are needed and generally give it a deal of TLC. So when it fell at the first hurdle, even though it was because of a part, so well hidden, I would never have spotted, it is disappointing. Of course I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill. The nice man at Volvo replaced the part and a nice crisp pass certificate duly appeared. All I had to do was hand over the dosh. However, and this is the interesting bit, having risen to the challenge of dealing with the failure in a calm and composed manner, I was rewarded by a generous 10% discount off the bill, both parts and labour. Cause and effect? Do you think?

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