Teacakes And Tenderness

Charlotte's CakesAnother early start and a drive up to Bristol to see Charlotte, Hannah and the rest of the gang this morning. I have to say that I really don’t like these dark mornings, but at least I did get to see a beautiful sunrise as I neared Bath, so a real silver lining to the clouds.

On a day of real highlights, the one that stood out for me, was just how well Charlotte looked and sounded. She’s getting her hair back now too, so by Christmas she hopes she won’t need her headscarf any more. All the boys, Jake, Stanley, Zach and particularly Oliver are growing so fast, and it was wonderful to get a cuddle from each of them.

While Rob, Jake and Zach went to Jake’s football training, Charlotte, Hannah, Oliver and I went to Coffee#1 in Keynsham, where it was reported that the teacakes were as big as your head. The reports were exaggerated, but not by much, they are huge. With a thick layer of real butter and strawberry jam, washed down by a caramel latte of industrial proportions, it was bye-bye to the diet for today.

Charlotte had booked a cake decoration course for the afternoon, so Hannah and I entertained the boys while Rob was working on the latest phase of the extension he’s building. By the time I was ready to set off for home I was pooped. How Charlotte and Rob cope with their three lads, along with all the oncology treatment is beyond me. All in all, a perfect day, so even though I am dog-tired, it was worth every ounce of energy expended.

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