Why Help Pakistan?

Pakistan FloodsIt is a well documented fact that Pakistan is a very active area for the organisation and training of al-Qaeda terrorists. On the southern border of Afghanistan it is perfectly placed to allow it to be used as a base for the insurgents’ attacks. It also appears that the Pakistani government is prepared, if not to aid, to turn a blind eye to the training camps. It was not really a huge surprise that Osama Bin Laden was finally trapped in a compound in Abbotabad in north west Pakistan.

So why should we be moved by the scenes of starvation and death from the Singh province in southern Pakistan?

I suppose the most obvious answer is that these poor, and malnourished people, who have seen their crop harvest decimated by horrendous floods, are part of the human race, just as deserving of assistance, as you or I. They are not the people to blame for the terrorism, but they have been all but forgotten by their own government and the rest of the world.

A less obvious, but maybe more appropriate reason, in the cause of Kosen Rufu, how can we better build bridges to this country? We have been attempting, mostly in vain, to supress the terrorist factions through the use of arms and violence. What have we to lose if we change tack and help the country, win the hearts, and save thousands of lives into the bargain?

The aid organisations are crying out for donations. They are saying that the international response to calls for donations have been ‘pathetic’. So why not stop spending millions of pounds a week on a futile war, and channel some of that money into going some real good?

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