Another Perspective

9/11 - The Twin TowersThe 10th anniversary of 9/11 is filling the media with stories of the day, accounts from relatives of the victims and the like. As you might suspect, most of the stories see the tragedy from the western viewpoint, and maybe rightly so, but, as always, I like to see things from every perspective.

I was therefore very interested to hear a report on BBC Radio 4 in which Hugh Sykes went to Islamabad on September 10th and again just recently, to record the mood in Pakistan, and it gave a completely different perspective on the events that were to change the world forever.

Messages such as ‘Americans, think why you are so hated’ and cries of ‘Taliban, Taliban’ show just how polarized the views of East and West were, and sadly, still are. I suggest that you take a moment to listen to the report yourself. You can fast forward to about 38 minutes into the program to catch the report.

In terms of karma, cause and effect, the actions of al-Qaeda have left them with a huge amount of bad karma. But one has to ask what America as a whole did, and continues to do, to illicit such a venomous hated from such a large section of the world’s population.

All these events, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the UN military support of the Libyan rebels and the recent reports of atrocities of the British Army, just bring home the urgent need for us all to strive unstintingly towards Kosen Rufu, or world peace. How can we ever hope for any form of lasting peace without understanding the viewpoint of those with whom we are trying to make peace?

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