Time After Time

Time After TimeTime only moves in one direction, forwards. That is why we say time after time, and not time before time.

Life is eternal, and we need to fix our focus on the two existences of the present and the future. We must not let ourselves get caught up in the past, it is done, and cannot be changed or undone.

No matter what the circumstances, we must never concede defeat. Never come to the conclusion that we have reached a dead end, that everything is over, finished.

We all possess a glorious future, no matter how things look right at this moment. Precisely because of this fact, we must persevere, study, learn and go right on.

So focussing firmly on our goals, we must cultivate the strength of spirit to begin anew ‘from this moment’, to redouble our efforts and face our challenges, day after day after day, until we are victorious.

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