Every Life Is Sacred?

Human DNASurely the ultimate measure of a civilised society is the way it considers the sanctity of life itself. As civilised human beings we believe that the right to life of another person is beyond question, or do we? Two back to back news items, on the BBC tonight, tend to suggest that we do not, that the value of any two lives can be measured against each other, and ultimately be found to be different.

The first item of news was about a young student, Steven Grisales, who was stabbed to death by a 15 year old boy, after he confronted a group of youths who were throwing conkers at him. The second was the report of the acquittal of Cecil Coley after he had stabbed a 30 year old man who was robbing his shop. The man, Gary Mullings, later died of his wounds and Coley was charged with his murder.

So the two murders differ in their context, but a life has been lost in each one. Was one life that of an innocent victim, the other of a thug who ‘deserved’ what he got? I’m not sure, and I certainly do not know enough about the incidents to pontificate over the rights and wrongs.

I just found it amazing that the two stories were reported in such a different manner, and that the contrasts were so vivid. Read the stories for yourself, via the links above, and see what you think.

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