Back To Basics

The Global SocietyA society that has sacrificed so much to material wealth that is has forgotten the human heart and the best of human aspirations, degenerates into something compassionless, doctrinaire, ignorant and ultra-conservative. When this happens, fundamental solutions to the issues of that society become impossible. If we protect the truth and are resolute, we are capable of creating peace and prosperity, and the truth that we should be protecting has to be high and great.

The great truth of Nichiren Buddhism, the thing that we must do our utmost to protect, involves ethics and the very best of human nature. At the very heart of this lies our duty to protect the truth of life, the truth that we are all one with the universe, and that every single human thought contains the entirety of universal life.

All the talk, this week, about 9/11, al Qaeda, terrorists and political strife fails to address the fact that we are all one, connected by our membership of the global society, and that the only solution to such deep seated issues is that of human revolution. If we all conduct ourselves with wisdom, courage and compassion for others, there are no issues that are beyond solving.

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