A Sad Truth

The Grim ReaperHaving my Mom stay for a few days is great. It means that we have time to chat and catch up, but more enjoyable than that, the chance to relive old memories.

Sadly, as Mom relates many of the incidents of my youth or family recollections, all too often the final line has been ‘they are in care’ or worse ‘they are no longer with us’.

Of course it’s only one of the facts of life, we all age and die, but I find this inspirational Daisaku Ikeda writing helps put it all in perspective.

“How painful and frightening is the prospect of death for human beings. No matter how wealthy or powerful we may be, all is vanity before death. Everything is empty, like a dream or an illusion. But people do not face this fact.

Nichiren Buddhism teaches us that we can transform our karma and attain a supremely peaceful death that is the start of a journey to our next life.”

Death is the final stage in the Wheel of Life, the stage that precedes our re-birth. There is nothing to fear, we have all been through it time and time again.

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